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Instrumentation: Bassoon, Violin, Cello, Piano

Duration: 8 min.

Year Composed: 2014

Commissioned by: Daniel Zimardi

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Jamie Thierman


My goal in writing Soliloquy was to set up a different tonal system in place of the traditional dominant-based tonal system, but still rooted in triads. I wanted the new tonal system to feel to the listener as established as the traditional system, complete with a strong sense of tonic. Soliloquy is set in a mediant-based tonal system, relating major chords by thirds. Over the course of the piece, this system breaks down into chromatic passages and climaxes, returning each time to the mediant-based system. The break-downs and returns, along with the connections of melodic motifs to the mediant motifs, strengthen the familiarity of that system. The end, then, should feel to the listener less like a return to this different system, and more like a return to home.  

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