Jamie Thierman



Cosmology is a five-movement piece for woodwind quintet that depicts certain qualities of the universe. The first movement, Halley's, refers to Halley's comet. The second movement, Stately Grace, is inspired by a quote from Michael Collins: "We are gliding across the world in total silence, with absolute smoothness; a motion of stately grace which makes me feel godlike as I stand erect in my sideways chariot, cruising the night sky." The third movement is named after the constellation Musca, which represents a fly. The fourth movement, no trace of age, is inspired by the Ralph Waldo Emerson poem below. The fifth movement reflects the excitement of its title, Escape Velocity, which is about 7 miles a second.

Teach me your mood, 
O patient stars. 
Who climb each night, 
the ancient sky. 
leaving on space, no shade, no scars, 
no trace of age, no fear to die.


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Instrumentation: Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, French Horn

Duration: 14 min. 30 sec.

Year Composed: 2008

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